Leaving a Trace

Of course not in a camping kind of way. We are serious about leaving a cleaner place than we found it. But in a leaving a mark for those who follow us kind of way. Its 2020 and we have an abundance of tools to share with the World what we are doing/thinking/making, etc. and through contributing to all of that information - and products we make - we feel that what we are creating (and doing) should leave some kind of positive trace. We don't want to be a products company who makes absurd quantities that will quickly make its way to landfills or clutter your garage. So, well, we don't. We enjoy cutting and sewing up your bag for you when you order it or making small batches of something that seems to be what works well. It is with this intentionality that we are able to offer you a product that we feel fits as purpose-built as well as low impact from a manufacturing view.


  We also believe our efforts and actions throughout this venture ought to set an example for doing good for our fellow humans and the planet we all are blessed to have, whether that's in the craftsmanship of something tangible or through words and actions that can positively impact someone near or far. New generations will inherently blaze their own trails just as we did but giving to those generations something of quality (even just to attempt to serve as a benchmark of sorts) feels important to us especially in this age of callous and carefree manufacturing. The trace that quality must be stitched into not just what we choose to buy or make, but also the way we live. Those are the things we desire to be discovered.